Impact of Indian Ethnic Wear in the Worldwide Market

Like Chicken Tikka Curry, Indian Ethnic Wear has actually taken the world up by storm. Thanks to world renowned designers such as Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Manish Malhotra and Ritu Kumar, India is gradually emerging to be a hot international fashion location and the Ethnic wear is making its presence felt more powerful like never ever before. And why shouldn't the West be mesmerized by Indian fashion? Fashion in India has thousands of years of custom behind it. India is land of rich and differed fabric heritage where each region of India has its own native gown and traditional outfits; it is a practically a playground for the designers!

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India is known for its culture, values and designs. India's versatility and craftsmanship is held in high regards for countless years. With Hollywood celebs and international fashion labels taking India influenced attire and devices onto red carpets, need for Indian clothing in the international market has grown tremendously.

What Our Costumers Say

"Indian Inspired designs have actually forayed into Hollywood as well as the White House has actually fallen under a deep spell."

- Dianna Malik